Inpromax develops digital solutions to meet your needs in the purchasing world!

Our e-procurement solutions supply with all your needs from supplier acceptance to evaluation and survey studies, from request creation to order submission.

Why Inpromax?

Everything to manage your purchasing processes is just a few clicks away.


Easily create your bid collections in a few steps and share them online with your suppliers.

Publish your project easily by defining the product / service items and documents of your projects, your specifications that require approval and your questions that require answers, in the relevant steps.

Supplier companies that receive mail & SMS notification can easily send you all their answers and offers related to the project online.

After your project is published, automatically receive notification e-mails regarding the participation status.


With the e-auction solution, we offer a competitive negotiation process in a transparent environment.

We give our customers an environment where they can reach great savings rates in a short time, and our suppliers have the opportunity to show themselves.

Easily set up and manage your e-tenders with advanced e-auctions and special functions.

While setting up your e-auction, create your negotiations by including the factors that affect your procurement cost.


Does your organization consist of too many branches? Is your company crowded in terms of number of personnel and the number of demanding users high? Transfer the framework agreements you have made with your suppliers to our catalog system under all conditions.

Requesters can select their needs from the catalog and convey them to contracted suppliers quickly and under control.

In the catalog system, define your approval strategies hierarchically and consistently, and your budgets on the basis of person and department. Quickly access the products acceptance procedures of your orders, delivery note and invoice information entered by suppliers.

Reports and Expense Analysis

Quickly access your project-based or long-term reports due to our new module.

In addition to the reports we provide, create and save reports for your needs. Monitor your company's overall purchasing performance with graphical data thanks to dashboards.

With Inpromax, you can make your purchasing analysis and make quick decisions by making your evaluations.

E-Auction Consultancy

Let's manage your e-auction projects with the consultancy of our experienced team!

By understanding the strategies of our customers' e-auction projects, we recommend the e-auction method suitable for the target, then we make your suppliers ready for the tender with the trainings we provide, follow your project during the e-auction and inform you at every stage and ensure that your project is completed smoothly and in accordance with its purpose.

At the end of the e-auction, we share the auction summary report with our customers.

As Inpromax, we provide e-auction consultancy to many companies. You can check our references.

Supplier Database

Many companies from different sectors manage their purchasing processes through our system using our solutions. The supplier database continues to expand and grow with the new companies.

As Inpromax, we also give suppliers a market opportunity.

By publishing your projects on the Inpromax common purchasing platform, you can reach other registered companies besides your own suppliers and discover new suppliers.

Get competitive prices by inviting companies in the product and service groups you want, to your projects.

Cloud & On Premise Solutions

Although many companies use our cloud solution, we can also respond to institutions that want to buy our solutions under license.

Start using our procurement solutions in a secure environment without the initial investment cost over the cloud model.

If you want to install and use e-procurement solutions on your own servers, we can also talk about the "On premise" model.


As Inpromax, we have ISO 27001, ISO 9001 certificates.

We take all necessary measures to ensure data security. We keep our system up-to-date, secure and ready with regular internal and external audits.

In addition, we keep records of the movements made within our solutions and enable our customers to easily access these traces.

Manage your purchasing processes comfortably with Inpromax assurance.

Supplier Management

Access the updated information and documents of your suppliers whenever you want.

Receive and evaluate potential supplier applications sent to you through Inpromax.

Share the supplier evaluation questionnaire we have created by consulting from Yıldız Technical University with your suppliers and easily analyze the results.

Reach the negotiation performance of your suppliers.

Request & Order Management

If your requests are not created with ERP or a different solution, start the request process with our demand module in Inpromax.

With the end of your projects, determine the supplier company you will earn and create your order. Submit your orders to your suppliers after the hierarchical and budgetary approval steps you have set up.

Submit the win / lose announcement through our system.


With Inpromax, we integrate different ERPs and provide an integrated structure.

Our technical teams project integration studies together and we allow the transfer of data such as demand, order, offers, supplier information between systems.

Eliminate repetitive record entries with integration work, achieve maximum operational efficiency, a fast and error-free solution.

Project Q&A

Stay in touch with your suppliers in your negotiation processes with the in-system messaging function.

Announcing the updates about the projects while the process continues, and answer the questions from your suppliers within the system.

With the Question&Answer module, we ensure that stakeholders can easily communicate, keep their communications recorded and thus transparency.